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This isn’t a normal election – we have a lot to lose.  It’s our chance to be heard – and if we screw it up, maybe our last. On November 6th, you can tell the Trump administration and Congress how you feel about children in cages, a SCOTUS nominee accused of sexual assault, and Russia hacking our democracy.


Our government is not representing us, so we’re fighting back. And we want you to join us.


Tell us, and everyone you know, why you’re going to Vote Like Hell this November – with a video, photo, meme, piece of artwork, song, or anything you can think of that will get noticed and get others fired up. Share it on social media with the hashtag #VoteLikeHell. We’re going to personally hand pick the best submissions and reward the creators with exclusive prizes like limited edition merch, concert tickets, and more. (If mind-numbing legal babble is your thing, you can check out the fine print here)



Politics is about power. We can’t write or pass the laws, but we decide who does. We can’t investigate or impeach Trump, but we can elect people who will. By voting like hell, we can change the course of history. That’s our power.


Join us, fight back, and Vote Like Hell.


We aren't the only ones ready to Vote Like Hell.

Other musicians have signed on with us to raise hell and get out the vote. 


Click on their buttons to learn more about their Vote Like Hell efforts and get involved! 

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Marc Ribot


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